Our Story

As early as 2005, Teknik Support initiated the development of a smelt spout robot designed for placement on the smelt spout area floor. During the first seven years, we embarked on several road trips around Sweden to visit sulfate mill industries and. After each trip, the smelt spout robot underwent improvements, gradually enhancing its performance. In 2012, Teknik Support completed its first successful project with Aditya Birla Domsjö Fabriker, followed by a second project in 2015. Both projects were highly successful.

In 2016, Teknik Support collaborated with Ahlstrom Aspa Bruk to develop a more compact and powerful smelt spout cleaning robot. This updated robot was designed to be attached to the smelt spout and hood on the recovery boilers tube wall. Simultaneously, a hood with a sliding door and an explosion door was developed.

The Teknik Support smelt spout robot performed exceptionally well, leading to the replacement of a significant amount of manual rodding with Teknik Support’s automated solution. This greatly improved the safety of operators.