Our Vision

Teknik Support has researched where the most accidents occur in the pulp mills industry. We could see that many personal injuries occur when recycling chemicals in the recovery area. The Soda House Committee in Sweden is of the opinion that the most riskful work in the pulp mill industry takes place when hand cleaning smelt spouts. Six to seven deaths each year occur in sulfate plants in the USA alone.

Teknik Support has a vision to create better working conditions for one of the most dangerous environments in the pulp mill industry.

Why Work With Us

Works under difficult operating conditions

We have experience with difficult operating conditions

Small and can handle tight spaces

Our robot is small, compact and very powerful

We guarantee 98% availability

Garantees 98% avalability

Skewer power of 10 kN

Teknik Support has a spitting force of 10,000 N. This means very little manual hand cleaning of the smelt spouts.

Teknik Support has central lubrication that can handle up to 18 months of operation without supplementary lubrication. This means no mechanical preparatory maintenance.